Friday, December 26, 2008

Shroud magazine #5 Hiram Grange

Sometime ago I mention that issue #5 of Shroud magazine would be all about Hiram Grange with profiles of the authors and myself. I thought that I would give you a little preview of the cover. I deliberately constructed the composition so that it could stand alone, just in case I ran out of time. However if I have time I intend to add a cast of nefarious characters from the books coming out of the darkness behind him.

I am currently getting materials together to submit to spectrum 16. This will be the first year I have submitted my work for consideration. I was tempted to send some of my Hiram Grange images, but I thought that I would wait until next year when all the illustrations where done and send them as a series (I have two books left to do in the series). I have found my work on the stories to be some of the most enjoyable projects of the year.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wrath of the River King

I have some art to share. This is a set of images I did for the upcoming Wrath of the River king. Wrath of the River King is a 4th Edition D&D adventure project published by Kobold Quarterly. The above image is for the cover and these two are interior illustrations.

I tried something a little different on these images. Usually my images rely on line art in defining figures and features rather then using high lights and shadow-- It's a bit of a crutch. With these images I used very little line are in the final images. I am pretty pleased with the results.... particularly the dragon image.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I guess I'm feeling a little sulky today--

As I have written before-- I would draw and create images no mater what-- it is in my DNA. If I had no computer or paint, no paper I would scratch images into stone and trace contours in sand. I would search for images in clouds and find figures in the stars of a pitch black night. I am a story teller, it is just that my medium for telling stories are pictures instead of words.

I bring this up because my Mother has been visiting here for most of the week and one would think that I work in the porn industry by way my Mom reacts to my art. I am not going to rag on my mom and in truth few of the folks that I spend time with show much interest in my work . Most have rarely seen my art and only a few have expressed the desire. I can not help but get the feeling that most think what I do for a living is stupid. I don't think that is how my friends or family would put it ( they are overall very nice people), but, the notion of illustrating fantasy, sci-fi and horror seems to bewilder them. Even now when sci-fi and fantasy has become mainstream it is still seen as a childish pursuit, as somehow illegitimate for an adult occupation -- the stuff of pimpled faced teenage boys. This is in spite of it being a billion dollar industry-- with explosion of children's and young adult books, and the proliferation sci-fi, fantasy and horror publishers , computer games, collectible card games, role playing games, movies and the internet there probably has never been a time in history when speculative art has been in such demand and still I feel like I must somehow qualify or excuse what I am doing here-- I know that it might not change the world or bring peace to the middle east, but I am one of the few people I know that is truly happy with their career choice and I must say that I am very thrilled to be able to do this for a living.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Drive by Posting

Just want to do a quick little post just to let the world know that I am alive and well. My posting has really dropped off over the last couple of months--this due in equal parts to being super busy and the fact the the work I have been doing is all covered by NDA's and it will be a while before I can share any it here. I had just finished up a whole slate of projects and I am already booked up for work well into December. Right now I am Working on a Cover for an anthology of Lucy Snyder's stories to be published by Creative Guy Press, a Cover and a set of interior illustrations for Wrath of the River god to be published by Kobold Press, I am doing another T-shirt illustration for the good folks over at DKMC (see previous posts for the scoop on these guys). So it look like another month of sporadic posting at best.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hanged Man Studio is open to the public

Well it has taken me forever to getting around to it, but, I finally set aside a few days and put my Hanged Mans Studio web site back together-- I took it down last January because it was so embarrassingly out of date. It now features samples of work from the last two years or so, with only a few earlier pieces. There is, of course, overlap between what I have posted here and what I have featured on my site, but there is also a lot of previously un-posted stuff from the last couple of years, featuring both published and unpublished works. Plus not everyone wants to plow through my blog to view my art.

There are still a few bugs in the site. I configured the images as part of the background so that it loads in a odd way.... but at least it is up an running and open for viewing. So if you are in the mood click on over and take a looksee.

But come back here often as this will still be the place to find out what I am up to and to view my latest work.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kobold Quarterly

I thought you all might enjoy these images. They will be featured on upcoming publications from Kobold Publications. The first will be featured on the cover of the January issue of Kobold Quarterly and the second will be used for the cover of a Clockwork Mage gazetteer. For those that are not familiar with Kobold, it is a new quarterly magazine published by gaming industry veteran Wolfgang Baur filling in the huge gap left when Dragon and Dungeon magazines shut their doors.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

2000 Man

I thought I would share the poster I mentioned in the last post. It is for a small independat film which will be making the festival circuit this year. The director pretty much did the layout of the image using photo sills of the actors and wanted me to give it a kind of Drew Struzan treatment with the lense flares and stuff. I think I did an ok job, but if the design were up to me I would have varied the size of the characters so they were not so uniform and maybe made the whole image a little more complex. Much of Struzan work is very complex with layers of faces and vignettes filling his canvass.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Man time goes fast.

Man time goes fast. It has been too long since my last post.

As usual I have been very busy-- let see over the last few weeks I've done a movie poster for an Independent film called 2000 Man, a cover for a comic book project ( I can't say much about it other then it involves zombies), a cover for Kobold quarterly a D&D magazine as well as a cover for an up coming Clockwork Mage gazetteer for the same publisher. ( I will be posting these in the coming weeks).

I have also been working on the t-shirt project I described a few posts back, Which has been major project going through several revisions.The image took longer then I thought it would. In part do to the size and complexity of the image. It was a bit of a mess. I have mentioned before that I tend to work in a kind of organic way, just letting the image kind of grow in free form way and there is a stage where chaos rules, with each element of the image on a different layers and some elements having multiple versions, and the highlights and shadow of each those elements and versions also on its own layer, and because of the size and complexity of this image and the limited ram on my computer I had to create some elements in separate documents and and imported them into the larger piece as I went along. On top of that the image also went through major revisions from the initial concept to the finished piece. One of the major changes was in the main character featured on the shirt. Originally it was to be a post apocalyptic, ice age, road warrior chick. But, after they saw her, they thought she set the wrong mood -- These guys wanted something more ironic, something that on first glance looks like the iconic sci-fi novel cover, but a second glance or closer examination is poking a little fun at the genre. So instead the warrior chick became a...... a sort of post apocalyptic ice age Jedi/ biker dude eating beef jerky with a pet mutant polar bear cub....... well, you just have to see it and that will just have to wait until I have permission to post the final image-- though I gotta say its pretty cool. I can show you the the original image of the warrior chick, I have change the back ground so as not to violate the NDA agreement with DK2G.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to our Regular program

Now, after our brief detour into the world of politics (see the last post) let get back to the art, shall well.

I just finished up this image last week. I love this piece. It is to be the cover for an Urban Fantasy book from Elder Sign Press. I love that there is something everywhere, while the focus is still drawn to the female in the foreground. It is the type of image that invites a second and third look, still revealing things and people. As an artist I am really drawn to complex images. I know that sometimes I can take it too far and add way to much detail. Often the best illustration is very simple.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Not a Political Blog

Though, I am fiercely liberal, the purpose of this site is to promote my art to both fans of sci-fi, fantasy and horror and potential employers and as such I have deliberately stay away from politics on this blog. But here in the height of what is the greatest political farce of my life I just could not help myself......

If you are conservative and easily offended just skip down to the to the next post below, I hope the rest of you enjoy the image

A little self indulgent (but, isn't this whole blog?)

last month I signed up for Google analytic services to track the traffic to my site. Don't worry, it does not give any specific personal info on the visitors, but tells me where the visitor is from, how long they stayed and that sort of thing. I decided not to look at until a month had gone by and when I check it this morning-- WOW--I was blown away...... Above is a screen capture of the map overlay showing the cities and number of unique visitors-- I know it is nothing compared to Amazon or any other big site, but for little old me, it is totally amazing that so many people in so may parts of the world have stopped by to look at my art.

note-- I have excluded Portland from the data above-- this is because the frequency of my own visits and those of my friends and family here in Portland vastly skewed the results.

note- that little dot floating off the NW coast of Africa is San Cristobal de la Lanuna of the Canary Islands!! how cool is that?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

God I love tentacles

This image of tentacled goodness is the cover for the third Hiram Grange book, Hiram Grange and the chosen one. The Hiram Grange chronicles are taking longer then the authors had planned and are going through some growing pains as the word counts on the novella length books start to swell into novel territory. Go on over to the Hiram Grange site to see more art and to find out more about the books.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

On the job training--

This image is from the ccg game Warlords 4ed. Which was launched at Gen Con a week or so ago. I did a small set of four cards for the project. I don’t do nearly the same amount of collectible card game illustration work as I used to. At one time it made up the majority of my work. I've done hundreds and hundreds if card illustrations. It has been an excellent form of training, because of the high volume of illustrations and the great variety of subjects needed by the various games. One illustration might be of a sword or a hat, another of a battle or a market place. I have had to draw all kinds of people, animals, and monsters in every kind of setting and environment and all on tight deadlines. It forced me to stretch my abilities to go places I would not have tried otherwise and in the end made me a better illustrator

Sunday, August 10, 2008

C'est la vie

Well, after exploring their options for the last couple weeks the folks over at Quarto Publishing have decided that it just is not going to work out and though they think that I have something useful to contribute to those trying to learn and understand fantasy illustration, I really do not have the skill set they need for the book they proposed -- which was to be 2/3 traditional, 1/3 digital covering all mediums (and me being familiar only with watercolor and digital).

Oh well-- it is a little disappointing,But, as a self taught artist it was the ultimate validation of my work to be approached by Quarto in the first place.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How-to Fantasy Illustration

Something cool that has been going on in the background is that I have been approached by Quatro books to produce the ultimate how-to fantasy illustration book. This is incredibly flattering and a great opportunity. These guys create some of the best practical art and craft books in the world. They produce books for many leading US, UK and continental European publishers to put out under their own imprimatur. If you have a how to book the odds are pretty good that these guys created it. It is not a done deal at this point and could fall through do to the fact that I am a self taught artist, both on the computer and in traditional mediums, and not well versed in oil or acrylic painting-- which on the face of it make me a strange candidate to do a how to book. After all how do I know that the way I create an image is not the most ass backward method ever created? But they really love my art and we are in talks now about how we might approach the book both in terms of content and style.
Keep you fingers crossed.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fashion forward--

A few post back I mentioned that I had an exciting project with a clothing company. Over the years I have been approached many times to reproduce my art on t-shirts or to do original designs for t-shirts. I have always declined--Not sure why, I guess there was just something low end about the offers. Well Last month I was approached by the DETH KILLERS of BUSHWICK. I am really not sure how to describe them-- they are a clothing company based in Brooklyn, that has been making clothing for men since the year 2000. They sell internationally at high end specialty stores, and have designed custom clothing for David Bowie, Viggo Mortensen, and the Edge from U2. But, they are also a motorcycle club that rides as the Deth Killers Motorcycle Club (DKMC), wreaking havoc on the streets of Brooklyn on their supermotos and custom sportbikes. And they have also created an alternative universe and history for the DKMC where the World Trade Center never fell , but the world has collapsed into post apocalyptic ruin. This where I come in. They are commissioning several artist to do illustrations for a limited edition series of 10 illustrated and digitally printed t-shirts, inspired by the sci-fi book covers from the 80s and 90s. The images in the series will tell the history of DKMC, where the past and the future converge and the streets are run by motorcycle gangs. Lots of destruction, lots of action, hot babes, fast bikes, and outlaw dirtbags..... just up my alley :>)

--the image is is not related to this project, but it has been laying around for a while and fits the mood of post apocalyptic goodness...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Studio Space Gallery

I just figured out that all the art I post here on my blog is "housed" in a Picasa account. So for all you boys and girls that don't want to wade through my posts but would like to view the art posted here I have made my Picasa gallery public and added a link. So just jump over there to see all the Studio Space art in a single gallery.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

And speaking of Hiram Grange

There is a lot of cool stuff going on in the background for the launch of the Hiram Grange novels. For instance Hiram has his own blog/web page now and you can find out more info and read snippets of the upcoming books here In addition issue 5 of shroud magazine is going to be dedicated to the Hiram Grange chronicles and will feature new art by me on the cover as well as a profile page on the writers and myself. Stay tuned, there is more to come.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Still here Still kick'n

Just a quick post to say I'm back. Well actually I have been back for a few days now and I have been working hard on the next set of images for the L5R ccg. I was also set to start a rather exciting project for a clothing company (I will post more on this later), but that project has been delayed so instead I am will be starting on the cover and interior illustrations for the third Hiram Grange novel a little before I had schedule. I wish I could show more of the artwork I have done for the series, but I can only release info as the publisher does.

However, I hope you enjoy this image. It has nothing to do with anything I posted here today, but,
I can't very well have a post without some art--this being an art blog and all and though I am not totally satisfied with it, I like the image.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Little Me Time

Actually it is really a little family time, but, I am taking off for a vacation. I will still be in communication with my work world as I have several projects that will need some tending to, but I will not be touching a brush or pencil, I will not create a single pixel worth of art for the next week. I must admit that I am feeling a bit exhausted. I have worked practically non stop for the last year. Even when I had a light work load I would feel compelled to double up with personal projects. This has been one of the most productive and exciting years since I first started out doing illustration work and I want to thank those who have employed me and featured my work, those who have taken the time to look at my work and especially those who have written me notes and e-mails-- even you lurkers who pass through my site unnoticed. Mostly I want to thank Freya-- my muse and My significant other.

see ya all in a week......

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Quick little commission piece I picked up over the weekend, done for a nice fellow who wanted me to do a screen saver for him. He wanted an image of Galactus , but left the details up to me. I spent way more time on the image then I should have-- but , come on it's Galactus.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Legends of 5 rings: Words and Deeds

AEG has released L5R: Words and Deeds so it is probably ok if I share a few of the image I did for the set. It can be a little frustrating since the NDA prevents me from showing the images until the game is released and it is usually about six months between the date I turn in the art and the games are published.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Money for Nothing

Just finished the cover for the novel Money for Nothing done for Neu werld Studios. They publish novels and games based on the the fictional city of Halcyon and its surrounding world. The fictional setting is a dystopic future based upon current trends in world politics, economy, and technology. This story was described to me as blade runner meets LotR--- a strange mashup. You can read the synopsis here

I am also finishing up the cover and interior illustrations for the second Hiram Grange novel, Hiram Grange and the Hitler Gene. Then
I've got another set of images for the Legends of 5 rings ccg coming next.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Lola's return

This is a series of illustrations I did for a screen play by Joshua Brownstein called Lola's return. It was an interesting project--a kind of mash up of star wars, dune, the works of Alexandro Jodorowsky and Mobius. It is the first of a proposed trilogy. A very tough project as he had such a singular vision of every aspect of the story that I had to make many modifications in an effort to realize his vision.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Village of the damned

cover for the first book of the Hiram Grange series-- coming out on June 30.
Tim Deal, the publisher and one of the writers of the series has the scoop over at his blog. So jump over there for the skinny on the Series. Then check back here for more art and updates as we get closer to the release date of the first book.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Low Grounds

Inside Films has given me permission to show a few of the images I did for their film, Low Grounds: The Portal. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed working with Simon Veredon, the director and playing a role in creating his vision.

The Film follows our young hero Delany and his quest to save his town from other-worldly destruction. Haunted by the creatures from the Low Grounds and seen as delusional by many, Delany must brave his darkest fears when his efforts obliterate the Keeper of Lost Souls, leaves him to stands alone to repair the rupture between dimensions of our world and the Low Grounds.....

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hiram Grange

I did not mean make my last post sound so glum. I mean things are really going quite well. In order to make a living at this illustration thing I do maybe 250 to 300 illustrations a year, and while some of the projects are just jobs to pay the mortgage and buy food, there are other projects that I am really excited about and feel privileged to be a part of. I think Hiram Grange is that kind of project-- it is visual, raw, gritty, violent, more then a little seedy, with supernatural monsters, hot chicks and very, very cool. I will be doing covers and a couple of interior illustrations for 5 novella length books to be published over the next six months. I will revel more details as the publishers release info on their site. Until then I will leave you with this image of Hiram......

Monday, May 12, 2008

Strange Horizons

I am this months featured artist over at Strange Horizons, a web based magazine of speculative fiction. If you have not spent any time there I would highly recommend doing so. I have been a regular visitor almost since their inception back in 2000.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Cover for the novella Intruder by Cindy Little. Published by Shroud Publishing. The cover idea came from the publisher Tim Deal. It was a great idea and it makes a truly striking image. This is only the second project I have worked on with Shroud and I hope the beginning of a long relationship.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I've gone viral

I got an e-mail from a nice fellow by the name of Rob Hood who said his wife had received my image of Tin Tin vs Alien in an e-mail. So he did some Google research and found me. Turns out he is a writer of speculative fiction from Down Under and he has a blog which specializes in giant robots, monsters and zombies (sounds like the start of a beautiful friendship). It is quite a fun read (and not just because he featured my art there)... so hop on over to Undead Backbrain give it a read--

Friday, May 2, 2008

Trickster, creator. messenger and carrion eater

My wife had a frame that she loved but had nothing to put in it. So I created this for her. The intent was to create an image with a sort of wood cut print feel to it. It will fit in our decor much better then a tentacle monster or barbarian babe slashing though a crowd of orcs. As much as I love fantasy, sci-fi and horror most of the things I create would not really work hanging above the fire place.

She (and I) really have an appreciation for crows and ravens. They are very intelligent and compelling Creatures with a complex social organization. It is easy to understand why they play such important roles in mythologies. From Norse mythology to Native American creation myths, to East Indian goddess--they are the givers of the sun, harbingers of death and rumor mongers. Claude Lévi-Strauss, the French anthropologist proposed a structuralist theory that suggests the raven obtained mythic status because he was a mediator animal between life and death. I not so sure about that --I just think they are cool.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Long time no post

wow--I cant believe that it has been over two weeks since I last posted anything. This has been one hell of a month. I have been nearly crushed by work. In fact there was a point when I was afraid I would not be able to meet all the deadlines, but as the work load is beginning to thin out some and I can see light at the end of the tunnel I think I am going to make it. One of the more exciting project I have been working on is a bunch of concept images and a poster for Inside Films. Right now the NDA agreement prevents me from sharing any of the stuff I am doing for them, but, I hope to be able to show some of the images in the near future. I can however share the cover for the Secrets of Morocco I painted for Chaosium books. They have posted it on their site so I assume it is ok to show it off. Will Jones, the art director, loves to pack in as many details as possible. It is always a challenge to fit in all the elements he has asked for.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Shroud Magazine

A trio of horrors that will be appearing in the next issue of Shroud Magazine . I have never thought of myself as an artist of horror and the macabre, But, over the last year I have been commissioned to do more horror images then in all the previous years I have been illustrating combined-- mostly zombies, Lots and lots of zombies. I wonder if we are going through a sort of zombie revival or if they have always been popular and I just failed to notice them, lurking in the shadows. In the past, I was never too keen on zombies-- too dim witted I guess.But the more I draw and paint them, the more sympathy I have for the recently dead and their hungers-- at the very least I empathize with their dogged determination.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Night's Rose

This the image I did for Annaliese Evans web site promoting her Urban Fantasy book, Night's Rose (Tor/Forge). It is the first book in a trilogy reinterpreting the Briar Rose story..... But, make no mistake this is not your mommy's Disney fairy tail--
I must say she was a pleasure to work with. It can be difficult working directly with authors, without an art director. Sometimes the author has such a vivid image, and such a passion for their creation and since I can not get into their mind, it makes it almost impossible to please them. Believe me, I understand the love and connection an author might have for his creation, but there has to be room the artist creativity and interpretation as well.