Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pallid Light

Second cover for Elder Sign Press . It is a modern/zombie/undead novel titled PALLID LIGHT. The assignment was to have undead in the foreground, pallid lighting, and the unnatural lightning strike, with a rural town in the distance. I started with Grant Wood's American Gothic in mind and kind of let the image build itself from there. It was fun to do. Both the images I have done for Elder Sign Press have been very different from my usual type of work. No Dragons or warriors. Not in some distant mythological past, but set in the present day. I hope to do more of this kind of work.

a little update here-- the Art director thought that the image was too light and that the town in the background would be competing with the title. I played around with the lighting, making the image darker and darker as it goes back to the small town in the background. He also thought that the second zombie was a little too animated. It is too bad. I put a surprising amount of work into making the composition and perspective work, getting all the elements in that the AD wanted. But, to tell the truth he was right and I think it is a stronger image.

This is the revised cover.

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