Thursday, April 3, 2008

Where do you get your Ideas?

I have been asked this a lot lately-- Obviously when I do commissioned work the ideas come from the story, or the publishers, or the authors. There is often a discussion as to what would be the best scene to illustrate, and sketches and approvals and all that.
When I am just drawing for fun the ideas can come from anywhere-- Movies, books, myths, stories that I have written or they just spring from my head. But, sometimes I do an image as a test, to see how my skills have advance, just to see if I am able to do it. The Gladiatrix image (the image that tops my blog) is one such example. I wanted to do an image with a kind of sensuality and the exotic feel that recalled the orientalist painters (in particular Jean-Leon Gerome ). Over the years I have revisited this theme again and again-- and again and again I failed. With this version I think that I have come very close. To date it is my favorite image.

The image in this post another such example. Perspective is my Achilles heel. so I wanted to challenge myself by doing an image with a relatively complex perspective, plus I have always wanted to do a monster smashing up a city.There are a few problems with the perspective that I could not get quite right, but over all I am happy with the results.

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