Tuesday, August 26, 2008

God I love tentacles

This image of tentacled goodness is the cover for the third Hiram Grange book, Hiram Grange and the chosen one. The Hiram Grange chronicles are taking longer then the authors had planned and are going through some growing pains as the word counts on the novella length books start to swell into novel territory. Go on over to the Hiram Grange site to see more art and to find out more about the books.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

On the job training--

This image is from the ccg game Warlords 4ed. Which was launched at Gen Con a week or so ago. I did a small set of four cards for the project. I don’t do nearly the same amount of collectible card game illustration work as I used to. At one time it made up the majority of my work. I've done hundreds and hundreds if card illustrations. It has been an excellent form of training, because of the high volume of illustrations and the great variety of subjects needed by the various games. One illustration might be of a sword or a hat, another of a battle or a market place. I have had to draw all kinds of people, animals, and monsters in every kind of setting and environment and all on tight deadlines. It forced me to stretch my abilities to go places I would not have tried otherwise and in the end made me a better illustrator

Sunday, August 10, 2008

C'est la vie

Well, after exploring their options for the last couple weeks the folks over at Quarto Publishing have decided that it just is not going to work out and though they think that I have something useful to contribute to those trying to learn and understand fantasy illustration, I really do not have the skill set they need for the book they proposed -- which was to be 2/3 traditional, 1/3 digital covering all mediums (and me being familiar only with watercolor and digital).

Oh well-- it is a little disappointing,But, as a self taught artist it was the ultimate validation of my work to be approached by Quarto in the first place.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How-to Fantasy Illustration

Something cool that has been going on in the background is that I have been approached by Quatro books to produce the ultimate how-to fantasy illustration book. This is incredibly flattering and a great opportunity. These guys create some of the best practical art and craft books in the world. They produce books for many leading US, UK and continental European publishers to put out under their own imprimatur. If you have a how to book the odds are pretty good that these guys created it. It is not a done deal at this point and could fall through do to the fact that I am a self taught artist, both on the computer and in traditional mediums, and not well versed in oil or acrylic painting-- which on the face of it make me a strange candidate to do a how to book. After all how do I know that the way I create an image is not the most ass backward method ever created? But they really love my art and we are in talks now about how we might approach the book both in terms of content and style.
Keep you fingers crossed.