Sunday, September 28, 2008

2000 Man

I thought I would share the poster I mentioned in the last post. It is for a small independat film which will be making the festival circuit this year. The director pretty much did the layout of the image using photo sills of the actors and wanted me to give it a kind of Drew Struzan treatment with the lense flares and stuff. I think I did an ok job, but if the design were up to me I would have varied the size of the characters so they were not so uniform and maybe made the whole image a little more complex. Much of Struzan work is very complex with layers of faces and vignettes filling his canvass.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Man time goes fast.

Man time goes fast. It has been too long since my last post.

As usual I have been very busy-- let see over the last few weeks I've done a movie poster for an Independent film called 2000 Man, a cover for a comic book project ( I can't say much about it other then it involves zombies), a cover for Kobold quarterly a D&D magazine as well as a cover for an up coming Clockwork Mage gazetteer for the same publisher. ( I will be posting these in the coming weeks).

I have also been working on the t-shirt project I described a few posts back, Which has been major project going through several revisions.The image took longer then I thought it would. In part do to the size and complexity of the image. It was a bit of a mess. I have mentioned before that I tend to work in a kind of organic way, just letting the image kind of grow in free form way and there is a stage where chaos rules, with each element of the image on a different layers and some elements having multiple versions, and the highlights and shadow of each those elements and versions also on its own layer, and because of the size and complexity of this image and the limited ram on my computer I had to create some elements in separate documents and and imported them into the larger piece as I went along. On top of that the image also went through major revisions from the initial concept to the finished piece. One of the major changes was in the main character featured on the shirt. Originally it was to be a post apocalyptic, ice age, road warrior chick. But, after they saw her, they thought she set the wrong mood -- These guys wanted something more ironic, something that on first glance looks like the iconic sci-fi novel cover, but a second glance or closer examination is poking a little fun at the genre. So instead the warrior chick became a...... a sort of post apocalyptic ice age Jedi/ biker dude eating beef jerky with a pet mutant polar bear cub....... well, you just have to see it and that will just have to wait until I have permission to post the final image-- though I gotta say its pretty cool. I can show you the the original image of the warrior chick, I have change the back ground so as not to violate the NDA agreement with DK2G.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to our Regular program

Now, after our brief detour into the world of politics (see the last post) let get back to the art, shall well.

I just finished up this image last week. I love this piece. It is to be the cover for an Urban Fantasy book from Elder Sign Press. I love that there is something everywhere, while the focus is still drawn to the female in the foreground. It is the type of image that invites a second and third look, still revealing things and people. As an artist I am really drawn to complex images. I know that sometimes I can take it too far and add way to much detail. Often the best illustration is very simple.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Not a Political Blog

Though, I am fiercely liberal, the purpose of this site is to promote my art to both fans of sci-fi, fantasy and horror and potential employers and as such I have deliberately stay away from politics on this blog. But here in the height of what is the greatest political farce of my life I just could not help myself......

If you are conservative and easily offended just skip down to the to the next post below, I hope the rest of you enjoy the image

A little self indulgent (but, isn't this whole blog?)

last month I signed up for Google analytic services to track the traffic to my site. Don't worry, it does not give any specific personal info on the visitors, but tells me where the visitor is from, how long they stayed and that sort of thing. I decided not to look at until a month had gone by and when I check it this morning-- WOW--I was blown away...... Above is a screen capture of the map overlay showing the cities and number of unique visitors-- I know it is nothing compared to Amazon or any other big site, but for little old me, it is totally amazing that so many people in so may parts of the world have stopped by to look at my art.

note-- I have excluded Portland from the data above-- this is because the frequency of my own visits and those of my friends and family here in Portland vastly skewed the results.

note- that little dot floating off the NW coast of Africa is San Cristobal de la Lanuna of the Canary Islands!! how cool is that?