Monday, September 1, 2008

A little self indulgent (but, isn't this whole blog?)

last month I signed up for Google analytic services to track the traffic to my site. Don't worry, it does not give any specific personal info on the visitors, but tells me where the visitor is from, how long they stayed and that sort of thing. I decided not to look at until a month had gone by and when I check it this morning-- WOW--I was blown away...... Above is a screen capture of the map overlay showing the cities and number of unique visitors-- I know it is nothing compared to Amazon or any other big site, but for little old me, it is totally amazing that so many people in so may parts of the world have stopped by to look at my art.

note-- I have excluded Portland from the data above-- this is because the frequency of my own visits and those of my friends and family here in Portland vastly skewed the results.

note- that little dot floating off the NW coast of Africa is San Cristobal de la Lanuna of the Canary Islands!! how cool is that?

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