Monday, November 3, 2008

Drive by Posting

Just want to do a quick little post just to let the world know that I am alive and well. My posting has really dropped off over the last couple of months--this due in equal parts to being super busy and the fact the the work I have been doing is all covered by NDA's and it will be a while before I can share any it here. I had just finished up a whole slate of projects and I am already booked up for work well into December. Right now I am Working on a Cover for an anthology of Lucy Snyder's stories to be published by Creative Guy Press, a Cover and a set of interior illustrations for Wrath of the River god to be published by Kobold Press, I am doing another T-shirt illustration for the good folks over at DKMC (see previous posts for the scoop on these guys). So it look like another month of sporadic posting at best.

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