Friday, December 26, 2008

Shroud magazine #5 Hiram Grange

Sometime ago I mention that issue #5 of Shroud magazine would be all about Hiram Grange with profiles of the authors and myself. I thought that I would give you a little preview of the cover. I deliberately constructed the composition so that it could stand alone, just in case I ran out of time. However if I have time I intend to add a cast of nefarious characters from the books coming out of the darkness behind him.

I am currently getting materials together to submit to spectrum 16. This will be the first year I have submitted my work for consideration. I was tempted to send some of my Hiram Grange images, but I thought that I would wait until next year when all the illustrations where done and send them as a series (I have two books left to do in the series). I have found my work on the stories to be some of the most enjoyable projects of the year.

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Shroud Publishing said...

Many people consider this their favorite cover yet.