Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Roskva at the end of the world

I was paging through a book of Norse mythology and came across the story of Pjalfie-- Thor and Loki visited the youth Þjálfi's family on their way to Jotunheimr, Þjálfi cut open the bone of one of Thor's butchered goats in order to get at the marrow (when Thor is hungry he can roast the goats that pull his chariot for a meal. When he wants to continue his travels, Thor only needs to touch the remains of the goats and they will be instantly restored to full health to resume their duties, assuming that the bones have not been broken). When Thor resurrected the goat, it could not walk properly. To atone for this, Þjálfi and his sister Roskva (Reap) had to serve Thor as his thralls. Now I have read this before, but somehow I had forgotten that his sister was also consigned to be thors servant as well. Beyond that there is no other mention of her.I Immediately thought her story was ripe for a series of young adult book that would followed her adventures. I love the idea of taking obscure characters from myths and stories and fleshing them out, telling the story from their point of view. It is, of course another project idea that will go unrealized-- Though I was inspired enough to do this concept image-- Thor, Loki, Pjalfie and Roskva, with a slight modern touch, especially loki who is a blend of ziggy stardust and elric.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year-

and a happy birthday to me, or rather this blog--Studio Space. It has been a year since I started this thing. It was my hope to reach a larger audience, meet other artist, share the process of my work and thoughts and find new clients and in that since this little blog has been a great success. I have only been tracking the traffic through this blog for the last four months or so but it has been surprising with just under 3000 visitors in that time from all parts of the world. The kind and number of clients has changed over the last year, where as, I had been trapped in a role playing and collectible card game ghetto, last year I was able to break out doing concept work and posters for movies, and video games, book covers became a primary source of work, I got the chance to do comic book pin ups and covers, and illustrations for a high end clothing company. And this year looks to even be bigger and better.

I know what your thinking--who cares, I came here to look at some art.

well then here are a couple of sneak previews-- the first is for the cover for reprinting of Lucy Snyder's anthology SPARKS AND SHADOWS to be published by CGP, the second is cover for Elder Sign Press. I do not know the name of the book, but the working title of the image is Zombie city. It was hard to convey zombies from such a distance. What I was going for was to have the mob thin out as it got closer and larger so that we can start to pick out the zombies - with groups attack individuals and cars, with the closest group looking up toward us, the viewer, as if they have seen us looking down on them--- the idea was to draw the viewer into the image....