Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dragon egg

well as usual everything I have been working is tied up in NDA's for the moment.... so to keep this blog moving here is something I have been playing around with. It started with yet again an other young adult idea, but I ended up showing showing way to much skin-- I have been meaning to come back to the image and make it a little more modest and finish up the back ground details some.

In other news I have signed up with Poetic License Printing to put my images on t-shirts- Their official site has not launched as yet.
They are trying to build up content to ensure that it is a fantastic launch. They have an other site ( with some of our stuff, but it is not indicative of what we will have on the the new site which will be kind of like Cafe Press and Zassle only it will be purely comic book illustrators and the like. My images will be listed along side of people like Dave Hoover, Herb Trimpe, Peter Bagge, Dave Sim, the guys from Hard Case Crime Publishing (featuring their Pulp Fiction covers), Bob McCleod, Bob Burden, Armando Gil, Dave Simon, and the mighty Fred Hembeck, to name a few. Not bad company. So if you have been dying to have one of my images plastered across your chest, this is you chance.