Monday, March 2, 2009

Seeing the light

This is kind of cool. Usually when I want to create rays of light I use the gradient tools, feathered selections and masks and while I have been able to get some excellent effects with it I just stumbled on to a rather neat trick. Some time ago I had created an armored angel, it was to be part of a larger image that I never got around to finishing. Just for fun I was messing around with the image, just experimenting with different filters and blending modes. When I put the angel through the motion blur filter and wow a "light" went off in my head. I did this several times to get various levels of blur placing some in layers above the Angel and some below, messed around with the color balance getting a realy nifty filter light pattern. I then constructed a rather quick back ground to place the angel in...... It has a slightly incomplete look to it and maybe I will come back to it and add more the image, but as an experiment in lighting I think it is a great success.


Mary said...

you should do more of this kind of posting. I like it when artist talk about process, and techniques

kingcadillac said...

I agree. you should do some step by step stuff.