Monday, April 20, 2009

Death Waltz in Chiba City

Here is another image for my sci-fi portfolio.This time I was evoking the "Nuromencer, cyberpunk, blade runner, street samurai" theme. I'm doing some pretty rapid posting these days, I wish that I really produced work at this rate, but in reality these images have taken quite a bit of time, as I've dabbled with them between paying projects and it just so happens that they have all reach a point of completion at around the same time. I usually have about a dozen or so images and projects on the back burner at any one time, most never get finished and get pushed out as new ideas or insperations compete for my little free time to work on my own stuff. I have several more sci-fi themed images I would like to finish up in the next couple of weeks , but I am not sure how much time I will have to spare....... stay tuned.

Friday, April 17, 2009


As you know from previous posts I am featured in Shroud #5, along with the cover there is also an interview and examples of my art on the inside of the magazine. Well, Tim Deal, the publisher at Shroud, gave me the back cover for a full page ad!! I was not sure what to do with it--Tim suggested that I take a piece of art I like and just put my contact info on it and I had been working on this Muchaesque image of Medea and thought that the back cover would be a great showcase for it...... Of course I had to adapt it for the size requirements of the cover. Below is how it will appear on the magazine.

In case you don't know starting with issue #6 Shroud magazine is going to be carried in Barns and Noble stores, which is extremely cool, but I cant help but wish that national distribution had began one issue sooner -- It would be nice to have my cover in book stores across the country-- C'est La vie

Friday, April 10, 2009

Battle for Earth

Here is the second sci-fi image in my effort to expand my portfolio with some hard sci-fi images (the first is two posts down). Not a bad first effort at this kind of thing, though, I think that my over dependence on line art gives it more of a comic book feel--not that there is anything wrong with comic book illustration, it's just not what I had envisioned when I started. However, in terms of my goal to pad my portfolio with a hard sci-fi I think it is a success and definitely a departure from most of the sci-fi work I have done in the past, which typically been in the realm where sci-fi overlaps with fantasy. Like this illustration inspired by Edgar Rice Boroughs the Princess of Mars, which is more fantasy then sci-fi.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hall of the Mountian King

I see that Wolfgang Baur, over at Kobold has posted these so I guess that I can share them ---a couple of cover Pieces I did for their upcoming publications "Hall of the Mountain King" and "Iron gazeteer". I also just finished up the cover for Kobold quarterly #10-- and man, I am soooo thrilled with how it turned out, I begged Wolfgang to let me share it, but he wants to wait since the issue will not be out until Summer....... If your not familiar with Wolfgang, there is a great interview with him over at Lou Argresta's RPG Agression. You should check it out. He is a great guy and a pleasure to work with and one of the great names in table top gaming.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Church of Quantum Teleportation

I do not get to do much sci-fi. Most of my work is in the worlds of fantasy and horror. That means my portfolio is very thin when it comes to hard sci-fi work and clients looking sci-fi piece tend to pass me by with -- "Love your work, but not quite what we are looking for"-- Well, rule # 4 of my book on how to be a successful illustrator (which I intend to write as soon as I'm a success) will state that "the client wants to see work that demonstrate that you can do what they need done." So if you want to do a sci-fi illustration you can't show them an image of a barbarian chick on the back of a dragon. No mater how good it is, it still not a space ship--apples and oranges my friends, apples and oranges.
With that in mind I have been playing around with a few sci-fi images between paying projects. This one is based on a story , nothing fully formed, just an idea--The technology of quantum teleportaiton is at the base of an intergalactic religion. In the process of scanning the original person they are rended apart, shredded down to the atomic level. When the replecant person is created at the other end of the transmission they are, in effect, "born again". Making teleportation a form a baptismal and the teleportation halls grand cathedrals ----