Friday, April 17, 2009


As you know from previous posts I am featured in Shroud #5, along with the cover there is also an interview and examples of my art on the inside of the magazine. Well, Tim Deal, the publisher at Shroud, gave me the back cover for a full page ad!! I was not sure what to do with it--Tim suggested that I take a piece of art I like and just put my contact info on it and I had been working on this Muchaesque image of Medea and thought that the back cover would be a great showcase for it...... Of course I had to adapt it for the size requirements of the cover. Below is how it will appear on the magazine.

In case you don't know starting with issue #6 Shroud magazine is going to be carried in Barns and Noble stores, which is extremely cool, but I cant help but wish that national distribution had began one issue sooner -- It would be nice to have my cover in book stores across the country-- C'est La vie

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