Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ice Storm of 2013, Roosevelt Island

This is one of two images I did for DETH KILLERS of BUSHWICK, a high end clothing company based in Brooklyn. They approached me almost a year ago (man, time goes fast) They were doing a limited edition series of 10 illustrated and digitally printed t-shirts, inspired by the sci-fi book covers from the 80s and 90s (You can get the whole back-story here, and here). I loved working for these guys and loved the project. It was epic in scope, more akin to doing large murals then anything else.

The above image is one of the first 5 shirt designs that have officially been released to the press as part of volume 1 (though the first shirts will not be available until July). Visit their web site to see the other shirts that will be included in volume 1. The second image I did for them will be released at a later date and is currently under lock and key. Not sure when that is going to happen-- as they are launching 2 shirts at a time while previewing a few future releases-- maybe some time around the end of summer-- You will just have to hang on, but I promise you it will knock your socks off...

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