Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Price of Two Blades

A a few weeks back I promised that I would show you the other story illustration I was doing for Black Gate #14. This one is for a story by Pete Butler titled "The Price of two blades". Just like the other illustration I did for the magazine this image will be printed in black and white.
to tell the truth I do not do too much black and white interior work any more. In general, I don't like doing black and white work as it almost takes me as long to do a black and white piece as a color of the same size and complexity, while only paying a fraction. I do make some exceptions, depending on the project, the publisher or the people involved. Black Gate is one of those special cases, because I like the magazine and feel proud to be a contributor and because of my long relationship with John O'neil, the Editor, who I think is a great guy!

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blairhippo said...

I just got my contributors' copies of the magazine, and I wanted to thank you for the excellent work you did for my story. Two Blades looks every inch the bad motherfucker; thank you very much for bringing him to life.

-- Pete Butler