Friday, August 7, 2009

old friends

Did you every have one of those friendships that you thought would last forever. But as you grew you found that you spent less and less time together and the time you were together you kind of felt that you would rather be someplace else. Meeting for a cup of Joe, trying to think of something to say......... Well that is kind of what my relationship with AEG was like. At one time they were not only my biggest client, comprising most of my work, but, I also had close friendships there. But as time went on the staff changed and for my part, after doing hundreds of ccg illustration I found it more and more difficult summon inspiration and so I put less and less effort into my images. And as other work took precedence and filled my work schedule I took fewer and fewer pieces until at some point I stopped doing any work for them.

I hadn't even really thought about it until today when I got an e-mail from a former employee and I remembered just how important AEG was to my earlier career. I will always be grateful to them for the opportunities they gave me.

I suppose one of these days I should give them a call and see if they would like to get together for a coffee or something--


freya said...

Beautiful picture. Thanks for posting.

oneofthejohns said...

i was wondering about that... i hadn't seen much of your work there recently.

anyhow, even though it's a drag not seeing your work there, you're on to better things. and some friendships are like that. like you said, you had something special back in the day, and they helped your early career out, so let's remember the good times.

oh, and awesome image choice for the post, by the way.

Malcolm McClinton said...

since I posted this I have been thinking that when I have a little free time it might be fun to do one or two L5R pieces on spec. That way I would not be held to a schedule or to an art description (L5r art description can be incredibly laborious)and just create something for pleasure. If it gets pick up swell, if not well--it was done for the fun of it.