Monday, October 19, 2009

The Black Parade

This the cover for the the Imperial principalities of the Elders published by Kobold quarterly, hitting your local hobbies shops next week. Man-o-Man this was a fun cover to do. It was not supposed to be a wrap around, but I was bad--very bad. I got an idea and just sort of ran with it--Inspired by artist like Brueghel, Durer and Rathel's images of death and the four horsemen of the apocalypse-- Death rides in the foreground upon a desiccated horse, in his wake skeletons and the recently dead rise and dance. At the far left edge a devil/goat headed creature dances too, wanting to claim it's share of souls. In the back ground, mounds of bone go off into the distance with a parade of soldiers, lead by a court jester and a group of hooded figures carrying a dead knight. Still further back we see a castle and hovering/ super imposed over the scene a plaintive angle and below her the other horsemen of the apocalypse. Down below we see a huge gathering of soldiers on the vast plain of Armageddon waiting for the final battle as the sky fills with dark ominous clouds....

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