Monday, November 30, 2009

Black Gate Magazine

The Black Gate Magazine blog has a nice little write up on Spectrum 16 and the cover. I did for them. John O'Neil, the big cheese over there is a great guy and always such a pleasure to work for.

And speeking of Black Gate below is an illustration I just finished for issue 14 for a story written by Ron Roth. One of the more challenging aspects of illustration is illustrating for a quite story with out a lot of action. Ron's story, " La Senoro Del Oro" is told through a series of letters and the suspense was built through the slow changes in the personality of the main character through his letters....... I think my goal, as an illustrator is to create an image that makes the viewer wonder what is going on, to create some kind of intrigue. A story illustration should be an open question that can only be answered by reading the story.

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