Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sh*t Happens

Ugh! one of my projects has been canceled-- just like that.... well not quite, first the publishers stopped answering my e-mails, then this morning I got notice to stop all work on the project and that they were sorry and blah, blah blah...and though I received a small advance, it in no way compensates me for the amount of work I did for the project. It is one of the down sides of working with small press publishers. Some are kind of fly by night operations. However, I work for a lot of little guys--small press publishers of books and magazine, comics games and small independent film and video game studios--and most are hardworking and creative operations putting out great products in an incredibly hard market, run by people who really love the genre. *Sigh* At any rate, thought you might enjoy seeing one of the images I did for them, 'cause, I guess they belong to me now.

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