Saturday, July 25, 2009


Any day my work is compared to Elmore or Parkinson is a good day. Both these artist played a role in the development of my style and love for fantasy illustration. But, my earliest art influence came comic books and artist like Berry Windsor smith and Bernie Wrightson, Jeffrey Jones and Neil Adams. Man, these guy's art was like noting else I had ever seen. So different from the steroid superheroes of Kirby and his imitators. To this day my favorite book covers are the half dozen or so Tarzan covers that were done by Neil Adams. I would urge any who love fantasy art to find them, they are absolutely amazing......
soon after that I discovered Art Nouveau, the Orientalists and Pre Raphaelites --are all very strong influences on my art, both in terms of style and what I like to paint. I think that that is what makes my art a little un-hip. Every now and then I try to create something a little more cutting edge, but it usually fails. I comfort my self by the notion that as styles and tastes continually cycle some day me and my art will be hip--providing I live that long.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Price of Two Blades

A a few weeks back I promised that I would show you the other story illustration I was doing for Black Gate #14. This one is for a story by Pete Butler titled "The Price of two blades". Just like the other illustration I did for the magazine this image will be printed in black and white.
to tell the truth I do not do too much black and white interior work any more. In general, I don't like doing black and white work as it almost takes me as long to do a black and white piece as a color of the same size and complexity, while only paying a fraction. I do make some exceptions, depending on the project, the publisher or the people involved. Black Gate is one of those special cases, because I like the magazine and feel proud to be a contributor and because of my long relationship with John O'neil, the Editor, who I think is a great guy!