Sunday, May 29, 2011

Media exits stage left

I've been doing a ton of cover work lately and it has left me craving to work in a horizontal format. After a while the narrow aspect ratio and the need to leave space for the title text starts to make me feel a little claustrophobic. Doing the wrap around cover below wet my appetite, my desire for a little elbow room. I love doing images in a letter box format, there is something cinematic about it. In this case I was deliberately going for a very operatic, staged look to the image.

Medea was a was a big deal sorceress in the ancient world. She was the daughter of the King  of Colchis, and the granddaughter of Helios, the sun god.....and she killed a lot of people including her two sons by Jason (of Argonauts fame). Kind of an odd myth considering how so often in Greek mythology even the smallest slight was punished in to the most severe ways. Just read the stories of  Actaeon, Arachne, Sisyphus or Io. Yet Medea betrays her family, murders a couple of kings, stabs her children to death and lives a long unpunished life,,,go figure.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Its a cyber punk world,,,,,

I see that they have posted the cover for Technoir over at Cellar Games. Its a high-tech hard-boiled roleplaying game. The idea was that the immediate area around the viewer would be a run-down part of town-- the architecture looking  like it's from the 1940's to invoke the "noir" part of the title. In the background, towering skyscrapers  of lights and with hover cars that call out the "tech" or futuristic themes. The cover is my own little homage to the likes of  Bladrunner, Mobius, Enki Bilal and Neuromancer

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Eon's Door

This was a fun project in large part because I enjoyed the book so much. It is a young adult fantasy novel by John McKenny. The world he creates and the narrative with which he describes it was so vivid that it was an illustrators dream. It was difficult to settle on an scene to illustrate for the cover. After batting around several scenes this is the one we finally settled on

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blackwood Hotel

 So I have been given permission to share these images. this was a fun little project.  I was approach about doing a few concept for a TV pilot Produced by David Antoniuk and Eric Woolfe. Its a supernatural coming of age adventure series called the Blackwood Hotel. Sort of  "lost" meats "DeGrassi", or "Freaks and Geeks" meets "The X-Files". Its "The Wonder Years" by way of "Kolchak: The Nights Stalke". Its an uber cool quirky adventure horror show about growing up.
Gimlin Gang Hideaway

Attic Room

Blackwood Hotel Lobby
Uncle Ambrose

Gimlin Bell phone

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lopers are Bad News

So here is another illustration for Black Gate (see below for the others I did for the issue) This one is for the story "The Laws of Chaos Left Us All in Disarray" by S. Hutson Blount" a little lesson in releasing one horror to fight an other. Here I particularly took pleasure in realizing Mr. Blount's lopers
"The first one came over the rise at a bound, ignoring the thorns that tore at its skinless muscle. Like the slingers, they had been men once. Their feet and hands had been elongated to let them run on all fours like an animal. Where their eyes had been, they had two more mouths. I don’t know how they saw."
                               How horrifically delightful. 
Mr. Blount informs me that he has further adventures of the main character in this story in this desolate world. Which I find particularly intriguing given the end of his story.  I'm looking forward to reading them and even more so to perhaps illustrating them