Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lopers are Bad News

So here is another illustration for Black Gate (see below for the others I did for the issue) This one is for the story "The Laws of Chaos Left Us All in Disarray" by S. Hutson Blount" a little lesson in releasing one horror to fight an other. Here I particularly took pleasure in realizing Mr. Blount's lopers
"The first one came over the rise at a bound, ignoring the thorns that tore at its skinless muscle. Like the slingers, they had been men once. Their feet and hands had been elongated to let them run on all fours like an animal. Where their eyes had been, they had two more mouths. I don’t know how they saw."
                               How horrifically delightful. 
Mr. Blount informs me that he has further adventures of the main character in this story in this desolate world. Which I find particularly intriguing given the end of his story.  I'm looking forward to reading them and even more so to perhaps illustrating them

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