Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Why So Serious?

not sure why it is so hard to keep my blog updated,,,, In some cases there are NDA that keep me from sharing, sometimes I'm just too busy, other times its just plain old laziness. These days its because I have been very busy (ok, well maybe Ive been a bit lazy too). I just completed a series of 14 black and White Illustrations for the Anthology Memoir by Ben Tanosborn. These were quite different from much of my work, No fantasy, no zombies, no dragons or space ships. These were highly detailed pen and ink drawings illustrating very personal stories. I have also just completed the frist round of concept illustrations for the movie Rain Balls. Again this is so different from my past work. A surrealistic story of how a young boy brings harmony back into his mothers life, even while knowing intuitively that he will soon lose his battle against cancer. And I am right now doing concept pieces for a movie about bicycle racing. I will be share all of these soon as I get permission.  But in the mean time I here is a little project I found quite amusing to do. It is the poster for a short film called The Joker Chronicles--First Blood. A little genre mash up, that asks the question of what makes a villain, a villain. The poster was to mirror the original by Drew Struzan, which was great fun.

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