Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fly me to the moon

 The image to the left was done for Tyche Books premiere publication, Ride the Moon. Its an anthology of stories containing fantasy, dark fantasy, and science fiction stories.  It's chalk full of mythic tales, modern retellings, and beautiful weirdness about the moon and the creatures associated with it ( but no werewolves or vampires, cause aren't we just a little over done on werewolves and vampires?). The idea for the cover was to create a Maxfield Perish like piece recalling the romanticism of his images with a contemporary, almost self aware feel to it. A playful homage to his work.

Also if your fluent in Chinese, there's an interview with yours truly in China's Fantasy Art Magazine. These guys have interviewed the likes of Tim & Greg Hildrebrandt, Alex Horley, Ron Miller, Brom and lots of other fine folk and for some reason they have decided to interview me--guess they must be running out of artist or something. Anyway they have seen fit to put me on the cover and I am quite flattered by the whole thing.  Not sure if there will be an English translation or not, Ill keep you posted.  

Other then that I have been hard at work doing, among other things, two covers for cubicle 7 games Laundry sires, a cover for Kobold publishers new RPG supplement, Sailing Journey's, concepts for HMX Entertainment (very  hush, hush) and illustrating the cover and concepts for The Pillars of  Natura, the first book of the epic fantasy series The Realm Walkers Chronicles, by Aaron Lee and published by Orbit books.  I will be posting these and more in the upcoming few weeks. Stay tuned

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