Monday, July 30, 2012

Couple more covers for Moonstone Books

who know what lurks in the hearts of men,,,,

,,,the Spider knows.

Wait? what? Who?,,,,The Spider?

Yup, the Spider.  Never herd of him? Well as any pulp fiction fan knows,  he was created back in the 30's as competition to the Shadow. By day he was a millionaire playboy.  by night he donned his slouch hat, cape and vampire make up to strike fear in the hearts of criminals, sort of a mash up of The Batman and the The Shadow. Anyway, it was great to have the opportunity illustrate  another of Moonstone Books line up of  classic pulp characters.

   So what do you get when you mix a Kick ass tough sexy PI with a reluctant, slightly bumbling but dogged paranormal investigator?   If you guessed a heap of trouble, your right.  Here's my the cover for Moonstones Books unlikely duo of Kolchak: the Night Stalker and Honey West: PI

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