Monday, November 26, 2012

Lamentations of the Flaming Princess

Here is a little piece I did for James  Raggi's for his Lamentations of the Flaming Princess RPG. This is the first of three images, so stay tuned for more. When James ask if I was interested in doing an  "european explorers in the Lost World" kind of thing featuring his three characters on horseback being chased by a tyrannosaur on the African plains I jumped at that chance. I have been planning on doing some dino images for some time, even have a few in the works, but have not had the free time to finish them up. So this gave me the opportunity to to combine work with pleasure. It was great fun. James is an exacting AD and knew what he wanted, his feedback really helped. I was so focused on the T-rex that the rest of the image was kind of suffering from inattention, he pushed me to make the image a stand out. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Oy vey!

This cover is for the Book "The Moloch Caper" by Victor Pilgrim.  A kind of supernatural noir set in the future of an alternate Earth where a detective of Israelite blood finds himself embroiled in several cases that lead he and his Orthodox tinkerer friend down a road that will end with the confrontation of an ancient enemy of  the Jews long forgotten. Its release date is still not nailed down. Ill keep you all posted.
Character driven pieces like this are so much fun to do. Dont get me wrong I love doing the heroic epic sort of thing, but it was fun to create this 'odd couple' dynamic duo.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

speaking of the four horsemen....

one more post, before I get back to work.. .just wanted to share this triptych of covers I did for Thunderstorm books for the cover of Michael McBride's God's End trilogy  . The Idea was that when the three books in the trilogy were laid side by side they would create one image. Those that know my work know how much I love doing images with a letterbox aspect ratio. It gives me elbow room to create and there is just something so cinematic about it,

Anthocon 2012

So I went to my first convention in years.  I was coaxed out of my cave by Tim Deal, one of the four horsemen (the other three being Danny Evarts,  Johnny Morse, Mark Wholley,). They made me the special guest Artist and promised me all rum i could could I resist? I had a great time. One of the high points was hanging out with the Hiram Grange gang. The 7 of us worked over the course of three years to create  the Chronicles of Hiram Grange. The five part sieries  is one part Lovecraft, one part James Bond-- that is if James bond were and opium addicted, absinth drinking, Jody Foster obsessed psychopath. It was the first time all of us have been together, and for me the first time I met any of them.  All and all it was great fun.

Let me see what spring is like On Jupiter and Mars

its show and tell time again. As usual I have been a little neglectful of posting stuff here. So Im gonna do my best catch you up on the goings on here at the Hanged Man Studio Space. Lets see where to begin, where to begin....... In the mood for a little martian intrigue?

Here is the book cover and web site banner I did for Darriel K Caston's sci-fi Novel "Gestation'  the first book in his Re-evolution of man series (