Monday, November 26, 2012

Lamentations of the Flaming Princess

Here is a little piece I did for James  Raggi's for his Lamentations of the Flaming Princess RPG. This is the first of three images, so stay tuned for more. When James ask if I was interested in doing an  "european explorers in the Lost World" kind of thing featuring his three characters on horseback being chased by a tyrannosaur on the African plains I jumped at that chance. I have been planning on doing some dino images for some time, even have a few in the works, but have not had the free time to finish them up. So this gave me the opportunity to to combine work with pleasure. It was great fun. James is an exacting AD and knew what he wanted, his feedback really helped. I was so focused on the T-rex that the rest of the image was kind of suffering from inattention, he pushed me to make the image a stand out. 

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