Saturday, January 26, 2013


been a busy busy couple of months, running the red queens race just to catch up, let alone stay in one place.  I am not a fan of just dumping art, but if you want to see my new stuff  click on over to my  Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Horror galleries. Take a moment to see what Ive been doing with myself.

The image to the above is a particular favorite from the last couple months. It was done for the book "Addicted to Zombies",  from Thunderstorm Books. I sort of ad libbed a bit and put in the butcher character. I was trying to channel the dark humor movie Delicatessen with just a dash of Sweeny Tood. But I was worried that I had gone too far. The book had been described as not to be taken seriously, but far from a comedic story. So I created a second version without the butcher just in case. Turns out the Author loved it so much he was he decide to create a short story about him to be published with the book. I love happy endings.