Wednesday, March 6, 2013

a few odds and ends

been a while since I posted stuff and I thought I might as well take the time to share a few little pieces. I do a fair amount of character concept work, but usually I am not allowed to share my work due to non nondisclosure agreements. Most of these were small little projects, involving just a few simple character illustrations. The image above was done for Tommy Khoo and his amazing, though still in the works, alien invasion game.

these are few of the  concepts I did for Yegor Tesler, who graciously gave me permission to share provided I not give away to much of the group/project ahead of time. But I promise to release more info as as I am allowed.

and these pieces were done for the immensity talented Kays al Atrakchi  a highly regarded composer whose work spans over a decade of extensive work on award winning films, commercials, and television series.These were done for his first time crack at the other side of making films, as a writer director of a horror short, called Lucidity. These are designs for the Stranger, that haunts our hero's dreams

This concept piece is an example of the work done for Ecko Entertainment. A depiction of the new Kirk enveloped in energy.

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