Wednesday, July 24, 2013

All the little chicks with the crimson lips go Cleveland rocks, cleveland rocks

This a poster/concept piece done for Battleground Entertainment. They are putting together a hunted house attraction in Cleveland Ohio. The idea being that the haunted house would be different than other Halloween attractions as it should have a deeper level of immersion. The patrons will not simply walk through a forest but instead will be lead by a guide dressed as a spec ops solider, hence having him in the advertisement. The concept is ambitious but the end result will be similar to that of an interactive movie, like living though a resident evil game/movie. Some scripted attacks and a convincing guide should make this something very different from the typical haunted house.

I was asked to use a very specific back drop for the scene, which was the real challenge here. It was pretty impossible to find an image of the Cleveland Soldier Memorial with the terminal tower in the back ground from the angle that I needed. For one the angle needed to be low to ground so that I could get the top of the tower in the image. I also needed to see the back of one of the four sculptures that make up the memorial and who takes pictures of the back end of sculptures? No one, that's who.

 That's when I hit on the idea of using google street view. This worked amazingly well as I virtually walked around the memorial until I got to the angle that best featured the Memorial and tower. Its an amazing world