Friday, August 2, 2013


When it comes to drugs and their uses Im about as square as you can get. That's why this project was an odd one for me. This image was done for  Shayana Shop a head shop out of the Netherlands that sells all manner drugs and paraphernalia  The idea was that they wanted to take their mascot (below) and have me reinterpret her in my style for a ad campaign, poster, and T-shirts.
Since this image was wide open, the only requirement being that it had to feature the character Shayana, it allowed me to work in a more free-form organic way. I had the general idea, Shayana and the yin/ yang, but no firm picture of what I wanted it to look like. I knew I wanted it to have a kind of retro feel, going back to artist  like Berry Windsor-Smith, Bernie Wrightson and Catherin Jeffery Jones, Roger Dean, artist that were major influences on me when I was just a kid. I start by creating a central character, Shayana  and build out from there with no real plan. Letting the dragon stretch out and curve around, then the tiger and so on and on, growing the canvas as I added more and more elements. Some elements had more meaning then others, for instance as the dragon and tiger represent the yin and yang, with the Peacock, symbolizing immortality,  completing an upward pointing  triangle around Shayana. The upward pointed triangle is also a symbol in itself Representing the element of air. I tried to incorporate elements of air in the back ground with the floating crystals, and birds and by the very point of view of being high above the valley to imply a higher consciousness (maybe gained by taking some of the mushrooms growing in the foreground, I don't know). The ruins and the old globe thing in the background represent the old way of thinking, broken ruined, no longer relevant. I know, i know it all sound kind of pretentious, but the results are pretty cool.