Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Failed to Study

this is the front and back cover to the Lp 'Failed to Study' by the band of the same name. I really love this noir image and in fact kind of wish I were there right now, throwing back some of that hard green, drowning my sorrows, with a dangerous blonde,,,,,

Monday, October 21, 2013

Splitting Lanes and Taking Names

I just finished the cover for the vinyl lp "Splitting Lanes and Taking Names", by The Heathens. A bit of a departure for me in both client and subject matter. But I jumped at the chance to do the retro camp cover for the 12inch vinyl.The Heathens say theyre influenced by beards, dirty Levi's, clean welds, , Frisco style, motorcycling's past and our California scene and out of state extended motorcycle brotherhood. They play so their friends, who smash their fingers making brackets and suffer flash-burn after hours at the welder all day have something cool to do at the end of the week.

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Weird Weird West

This is the cover for the anthology  "The Steam Man of the West" its a nice a little bit of steampunk revisionist history about a gang of misfits as they conquer the Weird, Weird West . With a bizarre cast of characters some plucked from history others from the imagination of the author, Joseph A. Lovece. They solve the mysteries of the Frozen Head, the Dragon of Dragon Creek, the Tablet of Destinies, and more. And  always with them is the trusty machine, the Steam Man

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Windy City, Chi-Town, City of Broad Shoulders....

A while back I did a cover for Sneak Attack Games RPG Broken Earth  as part of their Kickstarter project. well it seems that they got their funding and so they asked if I wanted to do a second cover for the companion book. Of course I jumped at the chance. This was to be very similar to the first, but with a different character and city. This time it was to be a woman walking on the edge of Northerly Island with the post apocalyptic Chicago skyline behind her.And there was one more catch...the character was to be the daughter of one of the kickstarter backers.

I think this one turned even better the the first cover. I think I might be getting an handle on doing these city scapes

Good for the Soul

yesterday I decided it was time for a purge. I have tons of old drawings and paintings, overflowing flat file cabinets, as well as close to a dozen flat file boxes. Time to start cleaning some of this crap out. Out with the old, as they say

I must admit  that much of it bad, I don't mean bad in terms of  I was younger and hadn't mastered illustration skills and techniques (though, there is lots of amateurish stuff in the stacks). I mean bad as in bad. Images that didn't work, many left unfinished. Lots of stuff that I did in a hurry because a deadline was crashing down on me. Hundreds of paintings for AEG in the early days of my career fall in the latter category. Illustrations for Warlords, Deadlands, 7th Sea and L5R. I spent yesterday ripping up old canvases reducing a mountain of old work to three barrels of shredded paper (I only got as far as the cabinets, saving the boxes for later--ugh)... It felt great to ride myself of these images, it felt cathartic. That's not to say that everything I found went into the trash. There were many that I quite love and have included a few examples those images that made the cut